​​Reed Martz will be speaking on topics which have recently been before the legislature, the courts and in the news; “Gun Law in Mississippi” in a seminar put on by National Business Institute on June 15, 2018, in Olive Branch, and then again on June 19th in Pearl, Mississippi. He will be covering topics such as Firearms and Their Regulation, Firearms Dealers and Licensing Requirements, and Ethical Considerations When Representing Gun Owners or Dealers. Also, Reed will speak on July 13, 2018, at the University of Mississippi Center for Continuing Legal Education’s “Current Issues in Civil Rights” seminar on the Second Amendment as the Courts have interpreted and applied it.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Posted: 06/15/2018

This week Reed Martz became licensed in Georgia. The firm now has attorneys licensed in Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee!!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Posted: 06/01/2018

                           Recovery for heirs after Executor of Mother’s Estate discovered

                                 Mother’s funds converted through a power of attorney

           After a client’s Mother’s estate was opened the Executor began determining what assets the decedent his Mother had and found irregularities in accounts held in common, and not jointly with other her Brother.  Before being appointed as his Mother’s executor, the son lacked access to the accounts which she failed to monitor as she lost the capacity to do so. Her funds were converted through the use of a power of attorney her brother had signed as the Brother and Sister began to lose the ability to keep up with their funds. The attorney in fact for the Brother took the funds held in the Brothers and Sister’s names for himself. The suit was filed on behalf of the Mother’s Estate and the firm was able to receive over well hundred thousand dollars taken by the attorney in fact.


We Welcome Mary Beth Jordan, Certified Paralegal to Freeland Martz, PLLC

          We are excited that Mary Beth Jordan will join Freeland Martz. Mary Beth will be serving primarily as Hale Freeland’s paralegal and will be replacing Chas Ellzy who will be attending law school. We wish Chas well as he begins a new journey.   

          Mary Beth grew up in Clarksdale, Mississippi, attended Delta State University receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems in 2004 and completed the Paralegal Certification program at the University of Mississippi in 2005. Thereafter she worked as a paralegal in noteworthy law firms in Clarksdale, Hattiesburg, and Jackson, Mississippi. She came highly recommended from the  Jackson law firm where she worked. Mary Beth moves to Oxford after her husband, Talmadge,  was transferred to Oxford. He serves as an officer with Regions Bank here.  

Posted 4/25/2018

  • To date, Freeland Martz obtains relief in the amount $6,475,190.29 for clients who were victims of a scheme involving various individuals, various businesses which the clients were not associated with.   

    "Clients were victims of a scheme in which the perpetrators of the scheme attempted to have the clients liable for the losses arising from a multimillion-dollar check-kiting scheme. The firm obtained the bank’s files from the perpetrators’ businesses through subpoena,  brought the suits which challenged the transactions which were covered by the perpetrators of the scheme in questionable loans. Over the past few years, Reed Martz and Hale Freeland negotiated a settlement of the claims with the financial institutions from within and outside of Mississippi. Each party settled for their own particular reasons and was recently approved by a federal court." 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Posted: 4/23/2018

  •  Freeland in the Division of a Large Family Farm Partnership 

      Freeland represented one of the two families operated a large family farming operation for over twenty-five years.  When his client his partner to add his name to the farm leases, his partner refused. At that point, the parties decided to end the partnership and the other partner attempted to acquire the partnership leaseholds as he could.

Faced with a difficult, and emotional situation, the farmer came to the firm and avoid to “every partner for himself” strategy imposed upon him. The firm filed suit to orderly wind down the partnership and allow both partners to distribute the Family Partnership equipment, income,
and other assets in a manner to avoid disrupting harvesting and planting seasons. The dispute was resolved without mediation and before it had to be tried in Court. The Firm’s client is farming still, probably better off, having obtained additional property to farm. He anticipates his son joining the operation in a year or two.     


                                                                                                                                     Posted: 4/9/2018

  •  Freeland Martz obtains court approval of $227,190.29 settlement in which the Financial Institution dismissed the claim against the client for payment of a questionable debt.

     "Clients were victims of a scheme which included the forgery of their signatures and an alleged check-kiting scheme in which the clients were unaware of at the time and the perpetrators of the scheme obtained questionable loans in which they attempted to make the clients liable for the losses arising from the scheme. Hale Freeland obtained the bank’s files, challenged issues related to the underlying bank loans and transactions and brought the suit which challenged the loans and sought recovery of the clients' payment of those loans. Reed Martz and Hale Freeland negotiated a settlement of the claims with the financial institution which the court approved. Each party settled for their own particular reasons and was recently approved by a federal court." 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Posted: 3/8/2018

  • Freeland Martz restores the inheritance to a wife and son after the daughter who had served as executor attempted to keep the Estate for herself.

       “A successful entrepreneur was diagnosed with cancer and died years ago. His daughter who worked with him opened his Estate which was supposed to go to the deceased husband’s wife, son, and daughter since the husband left with no will. Rather than carry out the 
order closing her Father’s estate, the daughter got her mother, who had lost capacity, and she signed over all their property to the daughter. The daughter cut timber on the property and “drained” equity in the business the Family was supposed to own together. After discovering what had occurred, the brother sought the help of the chancery court.  Through a settlement a few days before trial, restored the inheritances which should have gone to the three husbands. Fortunately, there were sufficient assets, pressure from the court and counsel to accomplish the resolution coupled with a desire of the Family members to end the conflict and reconcile.”   

                                                                                                                                    Posted: 3/8/2018


       We recognize and celebrate the tenth anniversary of the firm this month. Our attorneys and staff have practiced and worked elsewhere for many years. At Freeland Martz, PLLC we are happy that our firm has given us greater opportunities to serve our clients in resolving legal disputes and advising how to avoid disputes.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Posted: 17.10.09